Palette Customizable Controllers for Designers and Creatives [video]


Canadian company Palette aims to change the way people interact with computers, so they’ve designed magnetically connected sliders, dials and buttons to offers photographers, designers and other creatives a faster, more intuitive and precise editing experience.

You can fully customize the layout, function and color of each module to fit your own workflow an software. Palette has also teamed up with Adobe to offer a tight integration platform with built-in functions for Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro and InDesign.

“At Palette, we’re interested in creating a new category of hardware and software that bridges the gap between the physical and digital in a way that recognizes we all work differently” explains Palette founder and CEO Calvin Chu, “we’re excited to see people use Palette’s hands-on controls to make interaction more natural and enjoyable.”

You can pre-oreder Palette here