OS X Yosemite’s “Get Info” Menu Redesigned [concept]


Apple released OS X Yosemite for free, and it’s… fine? I mean there’s UI inconsistency, UI bugs, WiFi drops, theres A LOT of bugs. Some of you don’t like the translucency in Yosemite ( I like it ). Some of you dumb asses will say that the OS is free so why complain. Why? Because Apple doesn’t make money with software, and when you pay thousands of dollars/euros on a Mac it should work. But i digress.

So OS X Yosemite desperately needs an update to fix all the bugs and it’ll come. But let’s assume everything works perfectly, and everybody loves all the UI changes…. how many of you noticed that Apple missed one small UI detail: the “Get Info” menu.

If you’re wondering what Apple could’ve done to Yosemitefy it, you can jump over the break to check out the gorgeous concept by Ramotion

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