Occupy Flash: The Movement To Rid The World Of The Flash Player Plugin

“Occupy” movements have taken over Wall Street, London, Chicago and Oakland. Jay-Z is being called a ‘bloodsucker’ for RocaWear’s ‘Occupy All Streets’ tshirt ( which apparently has been removed from the stores ), and now an “occupy” group is trying to take control of your Web browser.

Occupy Flash is a movement started by a small handful of independent Web developers who want to end the reign of Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in in Web browsers. Among the movement’s complaints are that Flash is “buggy,” “crashes a lot,” “requires constant security updates,” and “doesn’t work on most mobile devices.”

Occupy Flash says that the plug-in’s time has passed, and that HTML5 “has clearly won the fight for the future of our web browsing.” HTML5 allows developers to embed content right into a website’s code without the need for add-ons like Flash. That means video and geolocation services can be baked in, and content can be viewed offline.

To wipe out Flash, Occupy Flash proposes that everyone disable or uninstall the plug-in from their browsers. The website provides links and instructions to help Web users to get rid of the Flash Player from their browsers.