Proof Of Concept: Notifications Tray Widgets

So iOS 5 is in beta, and the developers are showing all kinds of new tweaks aimed at some of the new features. Most noticeably, the new notifications tray. We have seen a blossom of work explode in this area. With most developers even providing templets to help get started.

That’s where this takes a turn. @Tyler29294 ( a super helpful guy) made this quick plug-in that shows your Twitter timeline  in a simple webView

He made it from modifying this project, which was a simple proof of concept build.

So we went a step further, just to see how easy it could be to make a little widget. And 20 or so minutes later we had this

Now, we know, none of this is cutting edge, or amazing. Heck a 3rd grader could probably do better. But it is a shinning example of how the community is growing, and helping, and that some great things are in the works.

Definitely  give  @Tyler29294 a follow. He has been a great help.