Nightmode Enables iOS NightTime Mode That Can Be Toggled On A Per-Application Basis


Nightmode is an upcoming tweak by nin9tyfoud, that enables system-wide night-time mode on iOS. Similar to Eclipse, but the main difference between these two tweaks is that, with Nightmode the night-time mode can be toggled on a per-application basis.

Nightmode’s activation can be scheduled via Activator, by default it includes an Activator listener and a Flipswitch toggle, allowing you to customise how it is activated. The key difference between the two is that the Activator listener will prompt before enabling Nightmode.

The tint colours and table highlight colours are completely customisable so you’re not limited to a predefined set of colours. And if you’re anything like me and you hate the sliders in most settings panels, these ones are not the preference sliders and thus are compatible with Pulse.

Using Nightmode you can also replace the splash screens, a feature that will override the horrible default pngs that appear as the application loads, they’re fully themable with Winterboard and instructions on how to do so are contained in Nightmode’s help section.

There’s a couple more customisation options, mostly affecting compatibility per-application. Due to the way Nightmode was designed, applications will need to be restarted before Nightmode is applied.

Nightmode should be available shortly in Cydia for $0.99 via BigBoss repo…

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