Nifty Minidrive: Great Backup Solution For MacBook Air and Pro [video]

So, you have a MacBook Pro or Air and you like to have your SD card on hand at all times. Let’s face it, the SD card is the best and most reliable solution to expanding your HHD/SSD – especially if you own a MacBook Air. The only problem is that many things can snag on that card when it’s inserted as half of it is always poking out which often causes issues for those that are trying to quickly unpack/pack away their gear when travelling.

Meet the Nifty Minidrive.

This simple adapter holds a micro SD card of upto 2TB and sits flush in your expensive OSX hardware. There are four colours to choose from and the kickstarter project has already exceeded its goal of $11,000, so is guaranteed.

No more warranty-voiding, parts-tampering with that torx screwdriver, just plug and play. Aesthetically it’s as pleasing on the eye as the MacBook Air is.

Did I mention, it’s only $25 for the prototype part? Why are you still here? Go grab yours now!