Newton Cadillac: Unreleased Apple Product Was The Original iPad [pics]


We’ve all seen the 1987 video where Apple was predicting Siri, FaceTims and the iPad. And now, we all know that the iPhone is not the only/first phone made by Apple ( check out the original 1983 Apple iPhone ). But what about the iPad? Presenting Apple’s Newton Cadillac prototype.

According to “Defying Gravity” (a book about Apple’s development of the Newton platform), Apple’s Newton Group worked on two projects simultaneously. The “Senior” project was to develop a large slate sized Newton computer. The “Junior” project was to develop a small PDA.

In 1993, Apple decided to postpone/kill the Senior project, and bet the ranch on the Junior project. The Junior project team developed the MessagePad. The MessagePad’s fate is well-known.

The “Senior” project team built a prototype, the “Cadillac.” The Cadillac is an incredible piece of technology, although there is not much information about it on the web.

The Cadillac measures 10.75 inches wide and 8.75 inches tall, although it is not really rectangular. The screen is 6.5 inched wide and 4 inches tall. The prototypes cost a bundle (rumored to be about $750,000 including tools and machinery).

Front view
Back view
Front view — rechargeable battery detached
Newton “Cadillac” Stylus
Front bezel
Front view — infrared port
Front view — stylus
Back view — “Cadillac” label
Side view — battery release, lanyard loop, stylus port, audio out port, video out port, modem port.
Side view — power switch, stylus port, lanyard loop
Side view — contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment
Top view — infrared port, serial port, power port
Side view — lanyard loop, stylus port, power switch
Back view — PCMCIA card slot ejection button
Back view — lanyard loop, stylus port, power button
Back view — modem port, video port, audio out port, stylus port, lanyard loop, battery release button
Back view — rubber foot, serial port icon

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