New Survey Says 19% of Consumers Are Interested in Buying An Apple ‘iWatch’



The new data from ChangeWave Research published on Friday found that 5 percent of consumers considered themselves “very likely” to purchase a smart watch from Apple for themselves or someone else. Another 14 percent indicated they are “somewhat likely” to do the same.

In comparison, 18 percent of consumers polled in January 2010 said they were likely to buy a hypothetical Apple tablet, with 4 percent of those “very likely.” And another poll conducted in 2005 found that the number of people interested in purchasing an Intel-based Mac was the same: 18 percent.

The survey bodes well for an “iWatch,” if Apple were to actually release such a product. The iPad has dominated the tablet landscape since its launch in 2010, fending off numerous copycats and newcomers, while the switch to Intel chips played a strong role in boosting Mac sales to new heights for the platform.