The Naturally Sleek n’ Stylish In-Ear Headphones from Grain Audio [video]


These are earbuds redefined. The In-Ear Headphones from Grain Audio delivers perfect sound and design.The FSC certified solid walnut casings ensure the best possible sound with crystal clear highs and booming lows. The comfort fit design allows people to rock for hours without any pain, ensuring that the IEHPs will be the earbuds of choice for music and design lovers alike.

We love how these headphones had everything considered and the end result represents that. The designer built these headphones from the ground up. From the radius of the earbuds to the length of the chamber these details have all been considered for comfort and sound quality.

These have been tuned so the music sounds as the artists intended, no false bass boosts or over enhanced mid-range, just the sound and detail of the recordings as they are meant to be heard.


  • Natural wood casings made of sustainably harvested, hand oil rubbed walnut
  • Inline mic and remote for audio controls and phone calls
  • Crystal clear sound as the artist intended
  • 2 × 8mm proprietary custom designed speakers with Neodymium magnets andCCAW voice coil
  • TPE jacketed cable for distortion-free listening

The Gran Audio In-Ear headphones are available for $84.99 ( retail price $100 – 15% off ) here

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