Native Union Premieres The MONOCLE Speaker [video]

native-union-monocle-speakers-make-big-sound-portable-1Native Union, a creative design agency based in San Francisco, CA, premieres its MONOCLE Speaker in a slew of colorful choices. Touted as being more than your average speaker, handset or even speakerphone, this creation allows its user to enjoy music and phone calls in a fresh new way.

The MONOCLE features a 3.5mm jack, durable nylon reinforced cables, a full duplex enabled microphone, a built-in wheel that controls the volume, a 40mm driver for quality audio and a metal speaker grill. What’s more is that you can link up to 10 speakers at once to create an ultimate sonic experience.

The MONOCLE can be purchased here for $49.99 USD.

native-union-monocle-speakers-make-big-sound-portable-2 native-union-monocle-speakers-make-big-sound-portable-3 native-union-monocle-speakers-make-big-sound-portable-5