Nabit: Capture Action Sequence Photos With Your iPhone [video]

Once in a while comes a photography app that does something really different. If you’re a fan of action sports or just like to take pictures of moving objects you’re definitely going to like this. Nabit lets you catch the right moment and turn it into an action sequence photo like we’ve seen in skateboard/snowboard/BMX magazines.

Nabit lets you capture action sequence photos with your iPhone. The next time your buddy nails a switch inward heel or your dog snags a Frisbee mid-air, Nabit and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Whether you nail it or bite it, nothing beats capturing it with an awesome sequence shot.

The way Nabit works is that it lets you take quickly one after another, holding the camera steadily. You end up with 5 shots, which you can pan through isolating an object/person that is moving. Important thing is to adjust the speed correctly so you don’t end up with overlapping fragments of the image as each “next” image eats up the previous one. A little hard to explain, best to try it yourself.

Nabit is available for free ( limited time ) in the app store…