N64iPhone: New Nintendo Emulator For iPhone 3Gs And iPod Touch 3G

n64iphone is a Nintendo 64 emulator currently designed for the iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 3rd Gen.

In the last few months, ZodTTD  was working on a new Nintendo64 emulator for iPhone 3Gs and iTouch 3G, using the Open GL|ES 2.0 libraries. It ‘just been released a video where we can see the first games operating, such as “Mario Kart 64”, “SuperMario 64” and “Zelda: Ocarina of Time” . We also find out the name of the app: N64iPhone.

As we can see in the video, game sessions are not carried out, in fact, the developer still didn’t implement controls and you will see only the “demo” games, which run pretty well, considering that it is an early version of the emulator.This is all the info we got so far, but we will keep you updated. Stay tuned…