HOW TO: Use MyWi And Turn Your iPhone/iPad Into A Mobile Hotspot

Mywi has been around for a while and has always been one of those nifty apps that was nice to have but not really a must have. But with the release of the iPad and the iPhone 4 and it’s newer faster data connection speeds, and more iPhone users having multiple wifi dependent devices with them all the time, it seems as this app has reached must have status.

When iOS 4 came out MyWi had some new updated features added to it. Mostly advanced one that many users will never need, but nice to have there for those just incase times.

Since you are creating a mobile wifi hotspot with your iPhone/3g iPad it’s nice to be able to password secure your network. I mean you wouldn’t want just anyone using your wireless at home right? So why your hotspot? To also help keep uninvited guest from your idevice hotspot, and to save on battery, you can now turn down the wifi transmit rate. Now the guy in the next cubicle can’t piggy back off of you and check his Facebook status at work.

Another nice little feature is you can now choose wether you want the big blue pulsating status bar(which steals battery as well) or a nifty little wifi icon that uses no battery. Hmm pretty easy choice. Except I found it easy to forget I was in tethering mode without the blue bar.

MyWi will also enable USB tethering for those times you just want to plug it into your laptop or desktop computer.

Another little work around for all the iPhone 4 users is that while MyWi is on, you can make FaceTime calls over 3G because the phones wifi is in use.

This is not to say there aren’t faults with the app. Well not really the app but the dependency on the installer Rock App or RockYourPhone. Now while I haven’t personally had issues with RockApp there have been wide reports of issues. I just don’t like having to install another app just to get an app. I understand the licensing issues to help prevent piracy, but the devs need to offer up an option. The other downfall that most will point out is the price. While a little steep, they do offer an upgrade pricing for previous users. And compared to buying a stand-alone hardware hotspot and then a separate data plan, this is actually quite affordable. And as long as you keep your device jailbreak-able you’re good to go.

MyWi is available from Cydia, but will install the Rock app where you will need to set up a Rock ID and comes with a free 10 day full featured trial.