MultiMusicInfo: Get All The Info About The Song You Are Listening To, In The Multitasking Bar

New day, new tweak in Cydia Store: MultiMusicInfo. MultiMusicInfo is the first tweak to show you all of the info of the song that’s currently playing in your music player app in the task switching bar. Info includes the artist name, album’s name, and it even replaces the iPod icon with the album cover. Of course it will also show the song’s name which is included by default by Apple.

Tapping the album cover, the tweak will still behave like the iPod icon and take you to the iPod app. If there is no album cover, it will display the standard iPod icon.

NOTE: This tweak words with iPod tracks
NOTE: Requires iOS 4.0+ and enabled Multitasking compatibility
NOTE: You can configure it from

You can buy MultiMusicInfo for $0.99 from Cydia Store via BigBoss repo