mSpy Review: How Cell Phone Tracker Can Be Useful For You


Cell phone tracking software for mobile devices has gone a long way and the new ones on the market are competing to be the most revolutionary in terms of effectiveness. mSpy is one of the best tracking solutions available. It allows to monitor all the activities that are being done on the target smartphone it was downloaded. On top of that, the installation process is very easy and took such a short time.

Once you installed mSpy you will get the instant access to all the information you need from that device. This monitoring software has been widely used by families and even businesses who want to ensure the safety of their children or employees and to keep the information on their devices secured.

If you have iOS, Android or Symbian mobile phones, you can use mSpy freely. You will be given access to all incoming and outgoing calls with the option to record it or listen real time, read and track all messages and emails as well as view details, check bookmarks and browsing history, view photos, watch videos and monitor all activities from instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber or Skype.

High-quality service support is absolutely guaranteed for anyone who will use mSpy as proven by the multitude of happy customers. It is simply one of the most reliable monitoring applications in the market and has a 24 hour support standby for all users as well as accommodating options for payment.

The features of mSpy are listed below:

  • Records of all calls – you can access all incoming and outgoing calls including the ones that have been deleted and even record it or listen in to current calls.
  • Email threads – all email conversations are accessible from your desktop or browser even if the user deletes it from the mobile device. Details will include the email add of sender and receiver, the date, and the time stamps.
  • Browsing history – all records of bookmarks as well as the sites visited by the user will be monitored and you can easily view it.
  • Application control – there will be a recording of all applications that are downloaded, installed or even deleted on the device with mSpy. You are assured that there will be no unwanted activity on it.
  • Lock remotely – the account’s control panel has the capability to send a command that will remotely lock and unlock the device whenever you want.
  • Access to information – access to contact info which is saved on the device can be obtained anytime you want to view it.
  • Use of instant messaging – WhatsApp, Viber and Skype activities can be monitored and recorded using mSpy.

The app is rather helpful for anyone who wants to keep their kids safe, their business info protected and reveal lies or cheating. mSpy prices are reasonable: you can buy 1-month basic package for $39.99 or try premium for $69.99.