HOW TO : Put Newsstand Or Any Other Folder Inside A Folder in iOS5 ( NO Jailbreaking )

With iOS5, Apple introduced Newsstand, a new feature which comes with a dedicated folder on the homescreen of your device and will allow you to easily find and subscribe to all sorts of magazines and newspapers.

Since this is a feature and the icon you see on your Springboard it’s not an app, but a folder, you pretty much can’t move Newsstand into a user created folder ( at least not without jailbreaking ). Or can you?

Ok, this is so dumb we can’t believe nobody figured it out by now. Apparently you can move any folder inside a second folder, without having to jailbreak your device and installing 3rd party tweaks, if you’re quick enough.

To move a folder inside another folder you need to:

1. Drag-n-drop an icon on top of another icon to create a folder

2. While iOS is creating the folder, you have to be super fast and grab another folder and drop it in the newly created folder while the icons still wiggle

3. That’s it. Is that simple. Don’t worry if you won’t get it in your first try. It took us 5 tries to make it happen.

NOTE: if you place Newsstand into a folder, and you tap on it to open, it will respring your device. If you want to use it again, take it out of the folder…

[thx Andrew and fR00s]