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How To Monitor Your Cellular Data Usage


If you have a capped data plan or an unlimited data plan you should keep track of the data you’re using. How do you do that? It’s super easy with a Cydia tweak called WeeTrackData which was recently updated with iOS 7 support. Once installed, the tweak places a widget in your iOS 7’s Notification Center providing you with all the necessary info about your monthly data usage.

The widget will show you the amount of data you’ve downloaded, the amount of data you’ve uploaded, and the amount of data that you’ve used in total out of your allowed amount every month. You can even swipe to the left on the widget to display your data usage for the last week, or for the day. Everything is displayed in the form of a progress bar as seen in the screenshot above.

The tweak comes with its own preference pane in the where you can configure the widget’s options. You can enter the amount of data your carrier lets you use every month. To calculate everything more accurately, you can also put the number of megabytes you “Already Used This Month” provided you’re not installing this tweak right at the beginning of a billing cycle ( or if you didn’t use any data, you can set it to 0 ).

Speaking of billing cycles, you can also choose what day of the month your billing cycle starts so the widget will automatically reset itself at the end of the month.

You can also tweak the widget’s UI by enabling/disabling the space-saving version of the widget ( makes the widget smaller in NC ) or enabling/disabling the reverse bar feature ( see how much data you have left vs how much data you’ve already used )

WeeTrackData7 is available for $1.99 on Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…