TweetMic for iPhone: Just Like TwitPic But For Audio

You ever wondered when someone will create an app that will let us actually send our tweets across the world? Well i did, and when i think of something, someone else automatically gets things done. Nice, huh? TweetMic is a simple and intuitive Twitter client app that allows you to make high quality audio recordings or “Tweetcasts” and publish them directly to Twitter. Think of it like TweetPic but for audio. There is no limit to how much you can record and you don’t need to sign up for any additional service to start using TweetMic.

You can easily create recordings and review them before publishing. You can also add a text introduction to your recording. From within the app you can review and listen to all the audio tweets that you have published. Your recordings are securely hosted on our servers and are never removed unless you delete them. You can manage your published tweets by logging into using your Twitter credentials. NOTE: Also works on iTouch (2nd Generation) with an external microphone.

  • Buy TweetMic for $0.99 from iTunes store here
  • Download .ipa file from here