MOBOTO: Docking System Brins Your iPhone and iPad To Life [video]

Moboto is a new and unique physical and digital experience for mobile devices. When your device docks with Moboto, Moboto comes to life and show his personality through a combination of apps, phone sensors and interactive features.

Moboto is modular by design. This allows for a variety of interlocking bases, attachments such as arms, and other accessories to be easily interchanged, providing customization and personalization.

Moboto expresses itself through its variety of personas that you select. Those personas constantly gather information from phone sensors and web data and communicates visually or verbally to you through images or behaviors.

The simple twist-to-lock connection creates infinite possibilities to add new bases. In addition to new MOBOTO bases they plan to design and produce in the future, they will be making the twist-to-lock connection files available to 3D communities so you and others can experiment and create your own bases.

For more info check out the official kickstarter page…