MobileVolumeSound: Add Mac OSX Volume Sounds To Your iPhone/iTouch

add Mac OSX’s volume sounds to your iPhone and iTouch with MobileVolumeSound

New day, new mod in Cydia: MobileVolumeSound. MobileVolumeSound’s purpose is to add the Mac OSX volume sound to your iPhone/iTouch… and that’s about it. You will only need to install it and than you will see/hear the effect. Everytime you turn your volume up/down on your iPhone/iTouch you will hear the Mac OSX sounds.

You won’t even need Winterboard for it, but you will need iPhone OS 3.1 and above. It works with the iPhone and iTouch 2G. However it wont work with the iTouch 1G.

You can find MobileVolumeSound, for free in Cydia via the BigBoss repository.

NOTE: the screenshots below are pretty much pointless because you can’t hear the sounds in a screenshot. Also, you will notice “tap for quick respone” in the screenshot. Thats from biteSMS and not from MobileVolumeSound.