Mindset’s Smart Headphones Measures Brainwaves to Help You Concentrate [video]

From social media, to emails to apps and shows, there’s a million ways to get derailed from focusing on a specific task.

To improve concentration, the team at Mindset has created the first smart headphones that use electrodes to track your brainwaves.

Powered by Onkyo, the headphones feature a series of EEG sensors that can determine weather you’re distracted and alert, so you can return to task immediately.

There’s also a companion app that will help you keep tabs on your average concentration time or figure out the optimal period of time during the day to tackle more intensive tasks.

NOTE that while “neurofeedback” can help you monitor your brain’s activity, there’s no scientific proof that it will actually improve your attentions.

For more info on the headphones check out the video below and the official project page Kickstarter