MewSeek Updated To v2.7-3. Live Streaming And Fast Music Downloads For iOS Devices

New day, new update in Cydia. MewSeek has been updated to version 2.7-3. The app allows you to download any song or track via one of the many built-in search engines like many others, however it is unique in its ability to add any downloaded track to the stock iPod app, just like iTunes – but without a computer.

The application is available for free from the BigBoss repo in Cydia on a trial basis. The trial lasts for 10 ‘add to iPod’ functions and costs a further $9.99 through an in-app purchase. Despite this you can continue to use the trial to download as many songs as you wish, it’s only the key feature which is limited.

Mewseek v2.7-3 comes with the following change log:

  1. fixes incompatibility with Zephyr and Multiflow
  2. iOS5 fully supported including:
  • ‘add to iPod’
  • album artwork (iOS5+ only)
  • fix for SpringBoard crashes when app going to background
  • new search engine added (
  • users can take advantage of swipe-to-delete feature in iOS5 music player to delete songs that were downloaded with MewSeek