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Meet XRY: The iPhone Hacking Tool Used By The Police And Military [video]

You love your iPhone, we know. You like to jailbreak it as many of us do. The process that has been repeated hundreds of millions of times all over the world allows us to run unauthorised code on our beloved devices, giving us the wonder that is Cydia which then gives us access to the plethora of customizations in the form of tweaks, themes, apps and so much more.

However, all is not as it seems. Behind closed doors the devices we adore are being jailbroken by another entity. One that does so for the sole purpose of stealing all personal data on the device. From phone numbers, text messages and media – to complete GPS history, and even every keystroke ever entered.

Who is behind this? No its not OPK, Pod2G or any of the Dev Teams. It’s Micro Systemation, a Stockholm, Sweden-based security firm that develops the software named XRY for the military and law enforcement agencies in 60 countries around the world, allowing them to crack a suspects phone in an instant – providing they have a warrant of course.

The only problem XRY faces is when an individual puts a passcode lock on of some sort. Now we all know by now that the longer and more complex the code you place on your device, the more secure it is from intrusion. The reason is the fact that when XRY is implemented, it has to ‘brute force’ the passcode. This means guessing every single possible combination using all digits, one after another. As i’m sure your can imagine, this could take some time and sometimes it can take so long to ‘brute force’ a device, it’s simply not worth it.