KnowRoaming: A SIM Sticker To End Roaming Charges [video]


KnowRoaming is a Toronto, Canada-based technology company singularly focused on reducing and/or eliminating roaming-shock, that feeling you get when you see your wireless bill after returning from a trip abroad. KnowRoaming has secured roaming rates in 220 countries giving their users up to 85% off their calls, data and texts while traveling abroad. The company has developed a smart sticker to apply to your SIM card that automatically connects you to a local network when roaming internationally.

So, instead of paying your network’s roaming rates, you pay local rates as if you lived in the abroad location. Their supporting mobile application, available for iOS and Android, allows you to directly manage and add funds to your account (using a credit card), choose your local network, manage your numbers, and keep track of how much you’re spending and saving.

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