Kanye West Insulting FSMdotCOM …

You’ve probably seen Kanye on Sunday night during MTV’s VMA awards when he interrupted country singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to say that Beyonce deserved the award. If you didn’t see it, i bet my life that you’ve heard about it or seen it on the Internet somewhere, because this is the new meme that is going on right now.

Ok, i have no idea what went through his head at the moment, and i understand that bad press is better than no press ; but the mofo went to far when he decided to insult FSMdotCOM. Kanye , you know this means war right? I have no words right now, and im shaking like a mad man. Just take a look at what just happend.

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Now this is obviously a joke brought to my attention by a FSMdotCOM community member that goes by the name of Andy. This is pretty funny and it was made using the site kanyelicio.us which has no functionality beside to insult a site that you choose.

thank you so much Andy, this made my day… ahahah

PS: if you live under a rock and you still dont know what this is all about here you go