What You Need To Do After Jailbreaking iPhone OS 3.0

So iPhone OS 3.0 is finally here, and iPhone OS 3.0 jailbreak is also here ( available only for Mac at this time ). What a joy!!!

As you know there are some thing you need to do after you jailbreak your iPhone in order to perform some operations and/or install cracked apps.

Im assuming this is not your first time that you jailbreak, so you might know the procedure, but some things are a little bit different. If you are a jailbreaking virgin, dont worry about it, this is simple and painless.

Step 1

If you didnt install OpenSSH during iPhone OS 3.0 jailbreaking process , go to Cydia and install it. Also install SBSettings and make sure you have OpenSSH turned ON. You access SBSettings by swiping your finger from the top of the screen down. By doing this you will be able  to SSH into your device.

Step 2

Now in the previous FW, you had to patch the mobile installation file in order to be able to install cracked apps. miPatch WILL NOT WORK on OS 3.0! Do NOT install it! Just go to Cydia and add this source: http://cydia.hackulo.us . Once the source is added, tap on search tab and well… search for: AppSync for OS 3.0. Install that one. That is the miPatch of iPhone OS 3.0

NOTE 1: To add a source in Cydia, tap on Manage Tab at the bottom of the screen. Than, tap on Sources. Now tap on Edit in the upper right side of the screen and than Add in the upper left side of the screen. Enter the sources address and tap on Add Source.

NOTE 2: In the previous FW you had to have at least one legit app installed before you install miPatch, otherwise it woudnt work. To be honest, i have no idea if in iPhone OS 3.0 with AppSync this is necessary, but install at least one legit app from the AppStore anyway. I have no idea if this is still required, because i already had apps installed from the AppStore. You DO NOT need to buy an app. Just download any free app from the appstore and sync it.

Pretty much thats it for now. If anything comes up or im missing something ( i feel like i do ) , i will update this post. So BE SURE TO VISIT AGAIN.