Jailbreakers: Do Not Update To iOS 6

Today, Apple is going to release their latest OS for iPhones and iPads and as usual, we need to remind you to stay away from that update button, or you are going to loose your jailbreak.

Let’s take a look at the major differences moving to iOS 6 from iOS 5:

1) Removes youtube
2) Removes google maps.
3) Adds Apple maps. No street view, no transit directions. Remember, google has been doing maps a long time. No way apple is doing it as well in a few months.
4) Adds what? Facebook integration, ViP mail, do not disturb? iOS 5 users, you can get “do not disturb” functionality with “ringerx vip” in cydia.

This is definitely not worth an upgrade. And if you are jailbroken on iOS5 definitely do not upgrade to this. You will lose your jailbreak and that’s definitely not worth it for this.