iTwin: Jailbreakless Way to Access Your iPhone’s Info

OK. What exactly is iTwin ?
iTwin is a program for the Windows PC, that will show the content of your iPhone/iPod Touch databases in a quite familliar ‘Look & Feel’. You will have access to your ‘Contacts’, your ‘SMS’, to the ‘Calendar’ and to your ‘Notes’. In addition iTwin will generate a ‘Birthday-List’ including ‘Zodics’ out of your contact details.
iTwin can read your databases in two different ways. If your device is ‘jailbroken’ then you have instant access to your data via ‘WiFi’. The second way is by analysing the ‘iTunes-Backup-Files’, where it is not nessesary to have a ‘modified’ iPhone or iPod Touch !

Not bad so far. But, why should I do that ?
You can now organize different devices, with the opportunity to ‘just look up something’, even without your hands on the iPhone itself. It may continue charging, or maybe it is the device of your partner, and therefore even ‘physically’ out of reach.
You may think about a ‘private-backup’ outside of iTunes, with the option of switching between different ‘device-contents’. iTwin will assist you as a ‘Backup-Viewer’, showing every personal entry.

That sounds really good ! What is planed for the next version ?
Well, when looking at the Birthday-list, you will get a good impression of the potential of this program. Tell me what you think is missing and I will do my very best to build it into iTwin. The ‘Export’ of contacts and searching in SMS-texts is allmost ready. From the technical point of view it is possible to alter the data on the PC and then save it back to the iPhone or iPod Touch, but presently I am not working on that feature.

For more info on iTwin , you can check out iTwin’s Website