iSteve: Watch Funny or Die’s 78-minute Long Parody About Steve Jobs


Starring Justin Long in the title role, “iSteve” is the longest Funny or Dieproject to date, and with a run time of nearly 80 minutes, comes very close to being a full-fledged feature. Alongside Long is Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak, James Urbaniak playing Bill Gates and Michaela Watkins filling the role of Melinda Gates. Ryan Perez directs.

While a parody, “iSteve” is the first film to take on the Apple cofounder’s life story since his death in October 2011.

iSteve” was originally slated for debut on Monday, but comedy website Funny or Die pushed back the release due to the Boston Marathon bombing. The film was rescheduled to air tomorrow, but it appears that those interested can can watch it now.