iRock: The Worlds First Power Generating iPhone/iPad Rocking Chair

Hey pops, the times are a-changing. Gone are the days when you could impress the friends with your old oak rocking-chair. The iRock is an updated version of the traditional rocking chair. It’s a self sufficient iPad dock and sound station, making that rocking motion worth while. The iRock is handcrafted out of Swedish pine wood and comes in 5 Different colors.

iRock is nothing less than a power generating rocking chair. As long as you rock you charge you iPad or your iPhone. The chair itself is inspired by traditional rocking chairs and we designed it to resemble the classic, proven designed old rocking chairs.

What we have added to the design is a generator that transforms the movement into power. We have equipped the iRock with an iPad stand and a set of build in speakers in the back rest.

The amount of technical gadgets we have learned to depend on has increased dramatically the last couple of years. The iRock is an product that explores how furniture can interact with technology and actually support the power for this technology. Movement is energy and to collect as much of this energy as possible is one of our future challenges.

The laws of physics dictates how movement and friction constantly creates a vast amount of energy that in most cases are lost. iRock is a attempt to collect some of this energy and put it to real use. If you use iRock for 60 minutes you can recharge an iPad 3 to 35%.  You can also recharge any other apple device.

iRock is hand built in Pine wood and painted in 5 layers to give it the flawless, shiny white look. At the moment iRock is only available in white but will be shipped in black, red, yellow and striped.

The iRock is currently under development and it will cost $1300. For more info visit the official website…