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iPhone-to-iPhone File Transfer With Style

Mover allows you to transfer images and contacts to other nearby iPhones via Wi-Fi networking, making this as fast and as fun as possible:

  • At your fingertips: move images and contacts around, pick them up by holding your finger over them a moment and send them where you want them to be with just a flick.
  • No need for pairing: just connect to the same Wi-Fi network as other iPhones and swipe.
  • No need to worry about saving: everything is immediately saved on arrival in your iPhone’s Pictures and Contacts, and never deleted by Mover, so that you clear crowded screens without worrying about data loss.

The best thing about this app, is not that is extremly useful and convenient, but the fact that it’s free in the appstore. Click here to download Mover. Also If you are a developer, you might also be interested in this: Mover is also completely open source under the BSD license. See the full source code and build documentation for details.