iPhone Stencil And Sketchpad Makes UI Prototype Creation A Breeze

Digging through my “interesting iPhone related shit” folder , i found something that we failed to mention on FSM. And since we now have a Design & Code category, it is time for you to meet the iPhone stencil and sketchpad.

No matter what killer design software you might use, sometimes, there’s nothing wrong going old skool and use a piece of paper and a pen. In fact most designers use a piece of paper and a pen in order to give birth to their vision. That’s why, Design Commission created a fantastic set of tools for your iPhone UI creation needs.

The set consists of:

  • iPhone Stencil Kit –  an iPhone sized stainless steel stencil with all the UI controls you could ask for. They include sliders, playback controls, icons, buttons, dialog box, and stars.  When you purchase the stencil kit you also get a Zebra mechanical pencil and a downloadable .PDF letter or A4 sized printable template of an iPhone.

click to enlarge
  • iPhone Sketch Pad – each sheet has one iPhone silhouette on the front side and three on the back, for a total of 200 possible screens per pad. The pad is 8.5×11 and is made with 50lb paper. There are grid lines, project name, screen and date fields as well.

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For more info check out the official site. The site is currently going under maintenance but, if i’m not mistaken , the iPhone Stencil Kit costs $17.95 and the iPhone Sketch Pad costs $7.95