iPhone Multitasking: ProSwitcher Updated To Version 0.8

We presented a first look at ProSwitcher when the app was only available to private testers, and we announced you as soon as it was available to anybody who wanted to test the app. As you might know, the app is still in beta stage, but Ryan Petrich ( the dev ) is not only a fantastic dev, but he also drops updates like they hot.

ProSwitcher was updated to version 0.8 today. In terms of UI, it is pretty polished so we don’t think we will see any major updates. But in version 0.8 , the source code improves a lot and now and the app requires nearly half the memory than the previous version. Many bugs have been fixed, including the ones reported by many of you.

We said that ProSwitcher is a fantastic multitasking interface for the iPhone from the moment we got it on our iPhones. But it seems that this app is getting better and better. We really suggest you give it try, and also report any errors you might encounter.