iPhone Configuration Utility: Unwanted Enterprise Tool Pushed By Apple To Windows Users

Sneaky bastards, they did it again. A while ago, Apple was strongly criticized because they were pushing Safari installs through their software update app. While you see nothing wrong with that, this move tripled Safari’s market share in one month.

This time, Apple is using its update program that comes with iTunes for Windows to push unwanted software to users, according to an ArsTechnica report.Now Apple is pushing the install of an enterprise utility, the iPhone Configuration Utility.

iPhone Configuration Utility lets you easily create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles, track and install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, and capture device information including console logs.

Configuration profiles are XML files that contain device security policies, VPN configuration information, Wi-Fi settings, APN settings, Exchange account settings, mail settings, and certificates that permit iPhone and iPod touch to work with your enterprise systems. For instructions on how to use iPhone Configuration Utility, see the iPhone and iPod touch Enterprise Deployment Guide, available for downloading at http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/enterprise/

A majority of iTunes users probably don’t even have an iPhone and a very small percentage of people that do would even need such a utility.Surprise, surprise…Apple has not commented on the matter as of yet.