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iPhone App Helps You Make… iPhone Apps

Do you have a great idea for an iPhone app but not the coding skills to actually build it? Well, there’s an app for that. The AppIncubator iPhone App from MEDL Mobile lets you submit your ideas which the company’s development team will then build into apps for you. Of course, as you probably imagined, they’re going to take a cut of the profits. But what better way to build an iPhone app without actually having to do any work!

The AppIncubator application is the first of its kind. With this app, anyone can be an iPhone “developer.” After downloading and installing the app, you use its simple interface to submit your ideas to MEDL Mobile. Alternately, you can upload ideas via the company’s web site. Once you receive your submission number, you can then use the storyboard tool found on the site to flesh out your thoughts even further.

After the app undergoes a series of tests and reviews which analyze the app’s potential for revenue as well as its “originality, functionality, simplicity, and fun,” the app will be built by the company’s in-house development team. When complete, MEDL Mobile will promote and market the application for you. All you had to do was have the original idea.

Since the company is doing all the hard work of app building and promotion, it makes sense that they plan on taking a cut. However, 25 percent of the app’s revenues is shared with the app’s “creator” (you). Considering how little effort there was put forth on your part, that actually seems rather generous. Still, if you want to keep more than 25 percent, you can just hire the company to build the app for you instead.

The AppIncubator is available for download in the iTunes Store here.

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