iPhone 7’s Water Resistance Is Way More Capable Than What Apple Claims [video]


Apple states that the iPhone 7 is certified to IP67 standard water resistance. That means that the iPhone 7 is built to survive even if it’s submerged in up to 1 meter or 3.28 feet of water for half an hour.

The Samsung Galaxy 7 on the other hand is certified to IP68 standard water resistance, which means that it can survives being submerged in over 1 meter of water, up to 3 meters.

On paper the Galaxy S7 is a way better “swimmer” than the iPhone 7. But that means nothing if we don’t put the two devices to the test.

You’ve probably seen the iFixit livestream, where the iPhone 7 is dropped in a fish tank to see how long it survives.

After 7 hours and 30 minutes later the phone was still alive.

Over the weekend, EverythingApplePro posted a video where an iPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S7 are being dropped into the ocean, at increasingly lower depths, until one of the phones die.

First, the phones are being submerged to 5 feet and both devices survive. Note that “5 feet” already exceeds the 3.28 feet rating of the IP67 standard.

Gradually the phones are being dropped to 10 feet,15 feet, 20 feet etc. And the phones survive.

The first signs of damage come when both phones are being submerged at 30 feet with the iPhones’s taptic engine begins malfunctioning and the Galaxy S7 begins to reboot.

At 35 feet, the Galaxy S7 refuses to come back to life while the iPhone 7 continues to power up and touchscreen is still responsive despite the obvious water damage.

Check out the video below…