iPhone 7 Scratching, Heat and Bending Test [video]


It has only start shipping and we already have a first iPhone 7 stress test video. The video tests to see how the new flagship phone from Apple responds to heat, scratching and bending. 

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While the new iPhone 7 screen can take scratches from coins and keys like a pro, when it comes in contact with a level six or higher mineral pick on the Mohs hardness scale the screen will easily scratch.

Apple claims that both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with sapphire lens cover. The video shows a whole different thing. Similar to the screen, the home button and camera lens cover can take scratches from something like a razor blade but scratches right away when tests with a mineral pick. Bottom line, if the camera lens cover was sapphire it should’ve easily resist scratching from level 6 mineral picks.

The back cover of the matte black iPhone 7 can take scratches from keys, but something like a razor blade will scratch the phone just fine.

It looks like the iPhone 7 will probably not bend in your pocket. However, the video shows that the “waterproofing adhesive” material stretches out when pressure is applied.

For a full stress test, check out the video below…

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