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iPhone 5: We Got One! First Impressions…

The wait is FINALLY over! The iPhone5 is here and we just got our grubby little hands on one (thank you UPS!!!). Whats our first impression? Well first off, the thing is absolutly stunning. I would descirbe it to you in more detail, but (a) you have already seen it, and (b) there are plenty of pics below.
This thing is also light. Now when I say light, I mean feather light. On the verge of almost feeling like its not even there. I honestly never had any complaints about the 4S weight wise, but whoa what a difference. Compared to the 5, the 4S is a brick.

Finally, although I havnt really had much of a chance to play with it yet (still syncing), it is crazy fast. From totally off, it booted almost instantly. Then the syncing process has been flying by, whether or not its the phone or the lighnting connector I dont really know, but whew its fast.

Thats all for now, enjoy these pics of my precious, and HAPPY IPHONE 5 DAY!