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iPad: New Media Device From Apple Is An Oversized iPod Touch With A Mainstream Price

At first i wanted to go through all the things that makes the iPad what it really is. But , I’m sure that most of you followed the keynote, and if you didn’t Apple already has the iPad page up. You’ll find everything there : Features, Design, App Store, Gallery, Tech Specs, and Pricing, and Notify Me links, there’s a video up showing designer Jonathan Ive, software head Scott Forstall, and others.

During the entire keynote i shared my thoughts , on our Facebook page. The iPad didn’t impress me at all up until they showed the NYTimes UI. That is pretty sweet and it is like a real newspaper. Also the iLife suit is also a major factor that makes this device great.

On the other hand, iBook is a strategic move. They pretty much killed Amazon’s Kindle. It seems that the format the iPad will support for the eBooks is .epub . I bet people that spent a lot of dough on Amazon e-books, will be pissed but they also said that almost all iPhone apps will run on the iPad.

The start price is $499 for a 16 gigs device that features only WiFi and $629 for a 16 gigs device for the device that features WiFi and 3G. One major mistake , in my opinion, that Apple made is that they will release the WiFi only model in 60 days, and WiFi + 3G in 90 days. My guess is that most of the people, will go with the WiFi 60 days options, since they can easily use the MiFi or a WiFi card.

Given the price, I’m guessing that many people will have a hard time deciding between the iPad and an Android device. But , an average user/consumer needs exactly what the iPad does: listening to music, watching some videos, some pictures, and some word/excel documents.

One thing that the iPad is really really missing is a cam. This would be a fantastic device.

Bottom line is that is a huge version of the iTouch and a little bit more , but it seems like a mature device, though, and not at all a “it’s not all that, but it’s getting there” device, like we are usually see from v1.0 .

No multitasking, and what’s even more disappointing is that uncle Steve didn’t have “one more thing” to say. This means that there was no iPhone news at this event. So, we will have until March…