iOSOpenDev Available For Download. Use Xcode To Develop Cydia Packages

The iOSOpenDev project has arrived. iOSOpenDev comes with Xcode templates for creating common types of jailbreak tweaks, including Activator listeners, command line tools, dynamic libraries, Notification Center widgets, SBSettings toggles, Siri AssistantExtensions and Mobile Substrate tweaks. It will even build .deb files of the completed projects for when a developer wants to submit to Cydia for publication.

The only problem is that this first release is still in alpha stage, and ( even the dev says so ) expect a lot of bugs. We can’t even install it. ( Sometimes you need to restart your Mac and everything will work just right ) Still, this is a great project which will allow ( mostly ) newbie devs to materialize great ideas ( hopefully ). Use it wisely…

For more info and download links to iOSOpenDev check out the official website…


  • May need to manually install MacPorts – we already had MacPorts installed, still failed.
  • if headers are being dumped than that’ll add 5-10 minutes to the installer.
  • if install fails, run `port selfupdate` then `port -f install dpkg` in Terminal then try again. looks like MacPorts is the problem for most
  • Follow iOSOpenDev on twitter for troubleshooting