iOS 9.3 Now Available To Download


iOS 9.3 is now available to download. In theory iOS 9.3 is a minor update but it packs a lot of features for the iPhone and iPad, the biggest being anew feature is a new Night Shift mode which shifts the color temperature of the display based on the time and location of your device. You know…. pretty much like F.lux.

With iOS 9.3 Apple is also improving the security of the and adds some multi-user support for iOS. Notes app can now be password protected and unlocked using Touch ID.

News app is also being updated in iOS 9.3. The “For You” section is now more personalized with suggestions, interests and trending topics.

Health app has Apple Watch integration and improvements to tracking third-party apps. CarPlay is getting minor improvements to add song suggestions for music and a nearby point of interests features for finding locations easily.

iOS 9.3 brings 3D Touch shortcuts for Weather, Compass, Settings, Health, Stocks and Store.