Interactive Finger Scrolling Interface : iPhone Graphic Novel

Daniel X: iPhone Graphic Novel . An overpriced wicked novel and interesting new approach to the iPhone’s touch screen. You can find Daniel X in the iTunes Store , and you have to pay $9.99 for it.

That is not a problem. My problem is with this video. I think they filmed it and than on the montage they added the graphics on the iPhone’s screen. Why am i saying that? Many reasons.First the dude in the video is swiping his finger over the screen like a madman and its not exactly correlating with the actions on the screen.

Second of all, pay attention to the entire video. The light is dropping on the phone from somewhere above it. And the dude got a reflection of his hand on the screen all the time. Now that is possible if you got a blank ( in this case black , in stand-by ) screen. You can’t possible have a reflection like that ( clear reflection ) on colors , and especially with the brightness turned up to max if not maximum brightness of the screen. Please note that black is monochrome and it’s not basically a color in the pure sense. Same with white. If you dont understand, let me put it this way : when your watching a black and white movie, do you see it in colors? ( stupid, but think about it 🙂 )

So combining the angle of the light thats hitting the object with the clear reflection of the hand, made me believe that this was filmed while iPhone was in standby ( you just cant imagine what an exciting life a hand model has ) , and than , they added everything you see on the screen.

What do you think? Have you bought or “bought” this novel? Whats all this hype about? Let us know in the comments…