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IntelliBorn Releases IntelliScreenX Public Beta [video]

A few days ago, we told you that IntelliBorn will release IntelliScreenX, an app that will add iOS 5 Notification Center to your lock screen! It extends the center with the ability to view and post to Twitter and Facebook, RSS feeds and News Reader, your entire mail inbox and full mail message view, access to system toggles, and more!

IntelliBorn just released the public beta of IntelliScreenX, available for free. To test it, add the following repo in Cydia:

A couple of things have been changed since the overview a few days ago, but I’ll let you explore and find out some of the goodies for yourselves. However, here are two major ones that you’ll have fun with:

  • If you have Twitter enabled, go to the Twitter page and tap the header to switch between timeline and mentions
  • Anytime a keyboard is brought up, a character count is available to you (will display after a certain amount of characters)


  • IntelliScreenX is for iOS 5 only
  • Installing IntelliScreenX does not require a reboot. All it needs is a respring
  • There is no iPad support for IntelliScreenX at this time.

Upon public release (out of beta), IntelliScreenX will be a paid package. For new users, it will be $9.99 and for owners of IntelliScreen, it’s $7.99 to upgrade. Those who have bought IntelliScreen within the last 30 days get IntelliScreenX for free.