HOW TO: Install/Uninstall Android 2.2 Froyo On iPhone 3G

A few weeks ago, we showed you how to use iPhodroid to install Android OS on your iPhone 2G/3G. The developer released a few more versions of the app since , and today we can install Android OS 2.2 Froyo on the iPhone 3G.


  • jailbroken iPhone 3G running iOS 4
  • openSSH installed
  • iPhodroid 0.6 R12 ( or updates which you can find at )

NOTE: works ONLY with iPhone 3G

NOTE: before you begin the installation , go to Settings>General>Auto Lock and set it to “Never”

NOTE: many people, experience an error when trying to boot into Froyo. If you check the verbose boot screen, you will see the following line over and over ‘cannot set as speaker mixer LDSPK set’ . If that’s the case, wait for iPhodroid to be updated…

How to install Froyo:

1. Download iPhodroid and extract. Double click on the icon to load the app

2. You will be warned that this version of iPhodroid won’t backup your iPhone’s NOR. If you want your NOR backed up, you can run a prior version and back it up.

3. This version of iPhodroid is only available for iPhone 3G so , all you need is to select install and click next to continue

4. You will be asked to type-in your Mac’s password

5. You will be asked to enter your iPhone’s IP address

6. You will be asked to type-in your SSH password. Default password is ‘alpine’, if you changed it, type-in your new password

7. Now, iPhodroid will connect to your iPhone via SSH. Wait for a few seconds

8. Now , iPhodroid will open up a terminal shell, and will copy everything on your iPhone. This process has 8 steps, so all you need to do is wait

9. Once the app is done, it will ask you to put your iPhone in recovery mode. To do that, follow the image below.

10. Once in recovery mode, click on “Load Install”. Now iPhodroid will quit, and it will close the terminal shell as well. From now on , we will work only on the iPhone

11. When you click on ‘Load Install’ , your iPhone will reboot, and you will get a nice shiny iBoot screen. Tap on the power button once, to select the ‘Install’ icon, and tap the home button, to install Froyo

12. Now everything will be installed on your iPhone, and all you have to do is wait…

13. When its done, the phone will reboot, and you’ll be back at the iBoot screen. Double tap the power button to select ‘Froyo’ and tap the home button to load the OS.

14. Enjoy

How to uninstall Froyo

1. Reboot your iPhone, and make sure you are on the iBoot screen

2. Load iPhodroid , select ‘Uninstall’ and click next

3. Now, back on your iPhone, on the iBoot screen, make sure iPhone is selected, and tap and hold the home button, until your iPhone’s screen goes white

4. Now back on your computer, click on ‘Load uninstall’

5. Your iPhone will reboot, and now on the iBoot screen, the middle icon is the uninstall one. Tap on the power button to select it, and tap on the home button to load it. Now just wait until everything is uninstalled. Your iPhone will reboot , and that’s it