InstaDesk: Instagram Client For The Mac [ Giveaway ]

We all know the iPhone has changed the way we do things. Bringing an “always on” and “always connected” device and putting it in our pockets. And its no wonder that the camera in the iPhone has helped millions of people capture and share small glimpses into their everyday life.

Then came the sharing apps. Snap a pic, edit it, save it, upload. Rinse, repeat. Instagram is one of those apps. Probably one of the better of those sharing apps.

But what if you’re at your Mac? Sure you can whip out your phone and look at the pics. But the screen on the iPhone, as great as it is, is still only 3 inches.

Here’s where InstaDesk fills the void. With a beautiful interface, full of the smooth animations you have come to love on your Mac.


  • Find new people to follow
  • View your Friend Feed, Popular Tags, Popular Pictures
  • Comment on pictures or like pictures
  • Save beautiful pictures in albums
  • See when you get new comments or likes
  • Follow / unfollow people
  • View pictures in slideshows
  • Download images
  • Sadly, NO uploading due to Instagram policies.

This application will suck you in, and steal all of your time (in the best way possible). InstaDesk is available for $4.99 in the Mac app store

We got 3 InstaDesk licenses to giveaway, so listen up closely:

  1. Like us on Facebook if you haven’t already
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That’s it. We will pick up all your names and put them in a list. That list will be placed in random.org who will randomly pick up the winners. They will be announced on our Facebook page on Sunday Nov 13th

Good luck…

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