iNSPIRED iPhone Theme

Everybody knows im not a big fan of iPhone themes and i got a good reason for that: they all butt ugly… and not to mention they suck memory. But that is me, i know most of you love this kind of eye candy. When a good theme is out, i can and surely will appreciate it. So, one theme that impressed me was the one in the title : iNSPIRED.

Although this is something new and could be the start of something amazing in the theme department, i have a some issues with it as well, like:

  • overuse of squashed rounded rectangles and dropshadows – nothing spells amateurish more than those, maybe bevel and emboss?!?!
  • looks more like a website header than an iPhone UI

But i also like some concepts/elements in the theme like:

  • landscape mode: for some reason i like it, maybe because it gives you more screen real estate. but could this be because people are missing the sidekick?
  • long menu “thingy” is quite nice as a concept

Anyway, dont want to be a hater at all, but i think it needs some tweaks here and there. Maybe there’s a reason why it’s still in beta… maybe not. If you want to beta test this theme you can ask for it here.

iNSPIRED Developer: One of the major issues I had with my previous theme style iNitsua, was being confined to the dimension and style of the icon set. They worked well for the theme and continued to do so throughout its evolution – but it limited me to colors and icon placements. This continued to prevalent to me as I worked on iNitsua Homescreen and iNitsua (RED). It was even worse when it came to theming categories.

So a fresh start was what came to mind. The competition is getting pretty tough in the landscape realm of iPhone theming. iNitsua was a great start for me (and a surprisingly so). I learned a lot making that theme and now was to maximize all the qualities that made that theme great and not be constrained by that icon set and lack of color scheme.

I started off this theme with coming up with ways to make K.A.T.S. (K.Nitsua’s Automatic Theme Set-Up) effective and yet allow users to manipulate some pages for themselves. As you can see from the screenshots, the first 3 pages of the theme is set in stone, as far as what icons are placed there and where. This way, KATS will be immediately effective and allow users to use the theme right out of the box, so to speak.

The remaining pages, which have yet to be finished, will be up to the user to customize. I intend to continue using the iNitsua style of navigation with “FAVORITE” pages that uses springjumps to show more applications rather than using categories (an idea which has quickly caught on). I also wanted to use color… LOTS of color. I’m sick of the grayscale of iNitsua… and even of the linear coloring of Homescreen and (RED). reeco hit gold with iCONCEPT in regards to its use of color, and I want to do something similar.

The title “iNSPIRED” is tentative. I’m hoping to utilize simple animations in this theme. I also haven’t been able to add a time and date widget that blends in with the theme’s multiple pages, but I have several ideas that might work. The theme will also carry my “Homescreen” concept, so look forward to that. EDIT: Also, I will be making sure memory usage will NOT be an issue with this theme. So even those of us without a 3GS can enjoy this theme to its full extent.