inPulse For iPad: Winterboard Theme For he iPad

Themes, love ’em or hate ’em, there are a ton of them. Some good, most are pretty horrendous. Just the same crap regurgitated and thrown into a folder and called a theme. Themes should have a theme, you know, a common denominator that makes everything go together?  Not just a filter thrown over an icon. Heck, I have turned off themes in Cydia because of all of the clutter.

Here’s where InPulse for the iPad stands out.  It has new icons for the stock apps, and a clever “skin” for apps that are user installed. This makes for an overall seamless appearance, as if it was a factory option. Check in the default wallpapers, and you’ll see a couple of new ones added there as well.  Even the pop up notifications are themed. If you don’t like the “complete” theme, you  have the ability to only select the portions of the theme you want to use. The creator @iSurenix has even gone to the trouble of including a SBSettings theme to round out the entire thumbing experience.  As the description says, its so complete, this may be the only theme you ever need.

Check out the screen shots, and then head on over to Cydia and grab your copy.