iMacquarium: Get Your Own iMac Aquarium [video]



An iMacquarium is an Apple computer which has been transformed into an aquarium.  Each aquarium has been built out of a discarded Apple G3 iMac and is ready to use right out of the box.  Simply decorate it how you wish and add water and fish!  It’s an original and eye catching home or office conversation piece.

The iMaquarium has a built in filter, and a light which can be turned on and off.  The 3.5 gallon tank makes a perfect home for many kinds of small tropical fish. The case simply lifts off for access to the inside and the Apple emblem on top can be removed for easy feeding.


  • Each iMacAquarium has a custom designed acrylic fish tank mounted inside.
  • The case is buffed and polished and waxed to look as new and shiny as possible.
  • The face of the tank is curved to fit flush where the CRT screen used to be.
  • The tank has a 3.5 Gallon capacity.
  • All joints in the tank are reinforced with a bead of 100% silicon caulking.
  • The Apple logo on the top of the case can be removed to feed fish through it.
  • The colored part of the case simply lifts off to access the inside.
  • Built in is a Whisper 3i In-Tank filter. This is a common filter so replacement filter cartridges are easy to find, or you can order them here.
  • The light surrounds the face of the tank and can be turned on and off by a switch on the back.
  • The light and the filter are wired into one 6 ft. power cord which exits through the original power cord hole on the back of the case.
  • There is room inside the case to store fish food and other aquarium supplies.
  • All electrical components have been protected to resist contact with spilt water.
  • A variety of colors are available. Email me to inquire about colors not shown in shopping cart.
  • All unused components of the iMac are properly recycled.
  • Shipping boxes and packing are all of recycled material. Please recycle packaging upon receipt!
  • Setup and Care instructions are included.
  • Decorations, fish, and water are not included.

For more info, and buying your own iMacquarium, check out the video below and visit the official website…