iLex RAT: Batch Remove All Cydia Tweaks and Settings, Troubleshoot and Repair Cydia



iLex RAT is a script that allows you to remove all Cydia tweaks with dependencies and settings. It also allows you to clear Cydia’s cache, troubleshoot and repair Cydia. Jump over the break to check out how to use this script…

NOTE: this script appears to work as advertised. But just to make sure, use only in extreme cases. Don’t blame us if you’re messing up your device and need to restore ( and loose your jailbreak/unlock )

1. Download MobileTerminal and iFile via Cydia

2. From your iOS device open this link

3. Tap on Download


4. Tap on ‘Open in iFile’


5. Tap on ‘Installer’



6. You’re done. Now everytime you want to run the script, load MobileTerminal and type ‘rat’ . You will be presented with the following choices. Use carefully…


[thx Marcus]