iGotYa: Catch Would Be iPhone Thieves In The Act

You love your iPhone, right? And others might just love it more….and try to steal it or maybe just open it up and snoop around on it. Want to see who’s doing it? Grab iGotYa from Cydia and set it up.
By having an unlock code on your device, iGotYa hooks into that, and once the password is entered wrong two times,it allows you the device to take a pic of the face of the would be thief (provided you have a front facing camera) log the location, and send you an email. It even pops up a little message that you can configure yourself. iGotYa has a setting to enter a “secure mode” where it lets the user in, but protects all of your private info, maybe giving you time to recover the device before they restore.

We tried it out and and ran into a couple of glitches. When installing, it prompts to return to Cydia, but you need a re-spring. Also, when entering a wrong code, we could never get it take and send a pic. When leaving secure mode, the device just hung, and required a reboot.

This is a good idea for any iPhone users, and iGotYa is available in the Cydia store, with a free trial. Hopefully,  the bugs are worked out before the trial period is over, as I can see this as a great purchase.